Muscle building diet and training plan

Beginner Cycle

flirt_tips_content_deadliftSexy, muscular and strong – that you reach with toning

You want to finally shine through sexy muscles and a sporty fit? That is not to blame you, because a well-toned body You seem appealing and sporty.
The way to the dream body is mega tiring, but however the final result can be seen.
It does not matter whether the result is a six-pack, a defined biceps or the asses for the beach outfit is supposed to be, only with a proper implementation of the muscle building workout plan and an iron will can take place fast muscle growth. However, a fast muscle building should not be all right? You want it in the coming year with Your Dream Body convince. Then your body is not too bad with the wrong muscle building workout plan. In addition to the proper training must also produces a balanced diet, without which the structure of the muscles can not function healthy and lasting.

Weight Loss

The way to sexy Bodybuilder

First of all: without hard work is not possible! An effective and tailored to you strength and fitness training is essential. It is not easy, but we guarantee you sweat, effort and the occasional soreness! However, a fast muscle building is not all, because your newly trained biceps and the sexy ass want to stay, to be kept on your toes? And this is where it starts to become difficult.In addition to individual fitness equipment Thy will and the struggle play a much more important role to the baser instincts.

Are you ready for your new and toned body?
Then we go!

The toning works by the principle of burden stimulus. Only if you practice the respective muscle groups of your body optimally, you can cause a muscle growth. Muscle building tips say that you start as a beginner with slight training stimuli and through this already see a real success, while an advanced fitness freak requires greater stimuli and heavier exercises.

Stress stimulus = exercises that require your body more than the individual movements in everyday life

individually PracticeOur toning tips:

  • Heat up! Only if you like tidy aufwärmst, you can get a healthy and efficient Muskelwachtum. Are you beginning to directly with hard training, injuries to the muscles are inevitable.
  • Have been! A “training plan muscle building” must be created individually Practice individually for you. Have some time off or new rookie? Weights, repetitions of phrases and duration of the training depend on it. While you can work out at the start already with 50% of the maximum weight and see success, such a weight in hardcore bodybuilder already no longer enough. Here are traveled to 70 – 80% needed. Maximum weight = weight, what you once only manage!
  • Repeat your exercises each exercise should be repeated six to ten times. However, passage is not enough to keep your muscles on Trapp. In our muscle building tips we recommend you 6-10 reps. Of each exercise you do three to five passages during workouts.
  • Steiger you! If you notice that your muscle building stops and the exercises are too easy for you, you can slowly increase your exercise. Mute you but not too much!
  • Sleep, rest and relax! A quick muscle growth is accelerated not only by iron training. Important as well is sufficient rest. 8 hours typical sound sleep do you and your muscles well.
  • Diet muscle building: Eighth necessarily on your diet. Plenty of proteins, vitamins and nutrients to keep yourself fit and pressing ahead building muscle.

Recreation, recreational, relaxation !!!

You will be pleased, because for the ideal muscle building recovery plays an enormously important role. Sleep in a quality bed and see if you can find a special mattress for athletes.Experiments show that the muscles can relax and regenerate only in deep sleep in your body. Important for the perfect night’s sleep, in addition to the matching mattress plenty of fresh air, the right temperature and a darkened bedroom. As mentioned earlier, you need for the ongoing muscle growth a sleep of eight to nine hours a day.

Diet muscle building – high protein and healthy

The right diet plan for the perfect body may not be missing on your list. For your future diet the protein plays under protein known to be a particularly important role. Protein should not be missed especially during rapid muscle growth! However, your muscles need more than just delicious protein bars or protein shakes.

Delicious and healthy – herewith you strengthen your muscles

The nuts and bolts of proper diet especially for muscle growth are proteins. This can not be stored, which means that you have to take it regularly to you in the future by the body! Now you wonder guarantees which foods you can find those. Fish and eggs should be part of your regular diet. In addition to the aforementioned protein you add your body just added important amino acids. Also nuts and meat are among the most high-protein foods and should not be missing on the new eating plan.
Recommendation: 2 grams per kilogram of body weight Proteinzuführ
The greatest effect in building the muscles you will receive by the way, if you are taking the proteins after exercise. At this time, the growth stimulation of the muscles is the highest. Can be quickly absorbed by the body, for example, egg white powder. These are the way tastier than it sounds

Toning well and good, but what muscles it should be?POWER MAXX 10kg to 40kg Round Rubber Dumbbell Set Weights Gym

The question of which muscles should be trained, you can answer only you. Especially popular in building muscle is the bicep, a pronounced chest muscles and the typical six-pack.
You should, however, still work more muscle groups, so as to avoid injuries in the execution of your daily schedule and you get a nice big picture of the body.
The leg and back muscles is important. These include leg biceps, quadriceps, the muscles in the legs and Schneider back muscles, rhomboid and circular muscle in the back. Here So you do not decide to go, what muscles you train exclusively, but rather, what should be the most trained.
It is clear that a uniform toning best and healthiest for the body and also incredibly sexy and manly acts on your enemy.
If you really want in the long term have a healthy, strong and muscular Adonis body you should never forbidden agents such as anabolic take unto thee!

Checklist for Traumbody:

  1. Regular and targeted strength training
  2. Diet muscle building
  3. Proteins and amino acids as a dietary supplement
  4. Training schedule toning
  5. Sleep, relaxation and recreation
  6. Your will is YOUR WAY TO toned body

Muscle building workout plan – so does the muscle building

The building muscles and muscle mass in a healthy way is the goal of every athlete and bodybuilder. The muscles support the body and are the basis for the power of the people. In order for the muscle building is successful, but it takes more than just a good workout.

The three pillars for building muscle

Basically bodybuilding is spoken by three pillars in the field that are necessary for building muscle. These pillars are training, sleeping and eating. That workout for building muscle is important, is the most athletes clear. Already in the diet, however, raises the question of the right diet plan. Even sleep must not be neglected. With an average night’s sleep of seven to eight hours the body has the ability to relax, regenerate and strengthen the muscles.
But besides an effective diet plan toning it also needs a good plan for the training. In order to compile this, it needs once the basic knowledge on the subject.

The mechanisms for the development of muscles

This muscle can be built at all, the training plan on the mechanisms of muscles must be coordinated. The stress, the metabolic stress and muscle damage are the terms that should be wisely with a workout.
The mechanical tension in a muscle arises only if it is under a very heavy load. That is, only if even just one training is carried out, is also formed a mechanical stress that can affect the muscle. Up to one minute, the tension also affects the structure of the muscle. After that it serves to promote the persistence of force. To succeed with the stress, processes with particularly slow movements should however be noted also very heavy weights in the training plan.
Even the metabolic stress can promote the building. This occurs when the muscles are pumped through the right exercises. The cells are increasing in scope, it results in a swelling. The result is a build-up of hydrogen ions, lactate and creatinine. In addition, the blood is held in the muscles. Thus, the structure of the muscles can be increased.
The muscle damage have become known to many people as soreness. After a hard workout your muscles begin to ache and every movement is difficult. The pain comes from damage caused to the muscles. These damages ensure that the body drives the structure of muscles ahead.
Ideally, a training support and caused all three mechanisms. If only one of the mechanisms is reached, the result is often not satisfactory.

The ideal training – Tips for the training plan

Of course, the training plan is as individual as the plan for muscle building diet. Nevertheless, there are some basics that are important for the success and should be wisely putting together of sports nutrition and training plan:

1. The warm-up phase

Even when training to build up the muscles should be warmed up. Although injuries to the muscles are aimed basically. This, however, only up to a certain extent. Therefore, the muscles should be prepared with a warm-up for the upcoming training.

2. reps

There shall be no lack the training course. However, they should be adapted to their own physical fitness. The muscle enlargement is achievable depending on distinct training level, with different amount of repetitions.

3. Stop with fatigue

On average, makes an athlete during an exercise up to ten repetitions and each in some five passages. However, this requirement should not be exhausted if the muscles show signs of fatigue. Here a pause is appropriate.

4. Do not forget breaks

In general, breaks in a good workout essential. Between the passages at least should be a break of a minute. With a strong stress on the muscles is lengthened. Note: You should be just long enough that the body does not cool down because the muscles can be injured in other exercises otherwise.

5. Start with the large muscles

A good training schedule is only begun to train the major muscle groups. This is around the abdomen, legs, buttocks and back. Later followed a training for small muscle groups.

6. Adjust workout time

When choosing training time, several factors play a role. Primarily, the question must be answered what you wish for yourself the training and hoping. A bodybuilder trained an average of six days a week. Who wants to see success, which should at least three days a week to train at least 30 minutes. Increase is of course possible here. Tip: At the beginning it is recommended to three days each week to train for half an hour and to make units for one large and one small muscle group.

Customize 7. Training

When a training plan is, this is only once a relief. However, it should not be rested. Ideally, the training is adapted and changed every few months.

8. Recreation and Dining

This means that the body can regenerate, he needs eight hours of sleep. This should also be given to him. For this it is important to perform the Fitness Nutrition. A fitness nutrition plan helps the body build muscle. The diet plan is tailored to the muscle building, but still sees a healthy and balanced diet before.
The compilation of a muscle building workout so based on your own level of training, the needs and goals of the athlete and a good fitness diet, through the body with essential vitamins, minerals and proteins is adequately supplied.

Muscle building diet – proper nutrition for building muscle

A good diet plan is one of the most important foundations for building muscle. With a balanced diet can be the fat loss and building muscle support. Not only proteins play a major role.

The importance of nutrition for muscles

The body draws its energy but also the foundations for the development of the muscles of the food. Proteins are transferred directly into the muscles and ensure that they are strong. The energy is drawn from the carbohydrates and the fats. A complete waiver of carbohydrates or fats can burden the body. It is more important to prepare for healthy fats and carbohydrates and these natural supply the body is. In eating plan toning it may not be missing.

The essential nutrients in the muscle building diet

The assortment of food to build up the muscles combines the eating plan for losing weight with the fitness nutrition plan. Each body has the need to absorb nutrients at certain times. Ideally, carbohydrates are eaten, for example for breakfast or after the units for training. Fats should be eaten throughout the day in small amounts and also proteins are ideally incorporated for all meals. In addition to the nutrition muscle building a lot of water is consumed, so that the nutrients can be absorbed by the body. At least two liters, better yet three liters of water should be drunk per day. As part of the health plan should be also resorted to water again.

1. The proteins in fitness nutrition plan

In order for the cell to live and build up, they need proteins. These are supplied to the body through diet. What is the amount for their own use, depends on how many calories are needed. The amount of calories is dependent on the amount of body fat but also of the amount of movement that is performed. Precisely in the context of bodybuilding and weight training is recommended to place the intake of proteins in a quantity of up to 2 g per kilogram of body weight. Ideally, make the proteins in the diet muscle building from the amount of 30%.
Note the view of the quality of proteins. There are proteins with a very high valency but also proteins having a low valence. The higher the value the better the proteins can be absorbed by the body. Protein rich foods are as:

  • Eggs
  • Fish
  • Magerquark
  • Meat
  • Vegetable

Healthy Diet recipes with proteins

There are many different recipes that are ideally suited to be included when creating diet plan. Three basic recipes fit particularly well and can be eaten every day to meet the demand for proteins and other nutrients:

1. The Pancakes

Who is like sweet things and wants to include in its muscle building diet plan, which can make pancakes. For a large portion are needed:

  • 50g protein powder
  • 6 eggs (here the egg whites separate)
  • Applesauce

The ingredients are stirred together until a smooth mixture is obtained and then fried brown in the pan. The inserts can be selected as you wish. Hearty supplements are just as suitable as sweet side dishes.

2. noodles and chicken

Poultry is very rich in proteins. A court is therefore made with chicken and pasta particularly fond of the healthy eating plan. For this is needed:

  • 500g fresh chicken
  • 400g pasta
  • sieved tomatos
  • 4 eggs
  • fresh mushrooms
  • 1 bell pepper
  • 1 fresh tomato
  • Herbs
  • Cheese

The noodles are boiled, fried the meat. When the meat is browned, get the eggs with this and the chopped mushrooms, peppers and tomato. With tomato puree and a dash of milk sauce is made of it. Using herbs can then be seasoned. The cheese is added at the end about the food.

3. Cottage cheese with tuna

Tasty in between is a snack of cottage cheese with tuna. For this is needed:
200g cottage cheese
a small can of tuna
2 tablespoons olive oil
Everything is mixed together and then seasoned. Herbs give the snack a little more flavor. It can be very well combined with bread.

Other components of the diet for muscle building

Even carbohydrates and fats can not be missing when it comes, so to create a diet plan mass building. Ideally, carbohydrates are incorporated in the form of bread and potatoes, rice and pasta or with legumes. Eat healthy also means that reference is made to natural carbohydrates. Refined sugar, as it can be found in sweets, should be avoided. This can not be properly absorbed by the body and it comes to the storage of fat. The amount of carbohydrate should be kept low. But if you want to build mass, can also increase the supply. In contrast, the diet lose weight carbohydrates should not be included in the evening and even at low levels. They provide energy and strength.
Fats are the third member, when it comes to creating a diet plan. Again, there are good and bad fats. The good fats protect organs that can support the absorption of vitamins and help in growing and maintaining the cell walls in the body. Ideally, use is made of polyunsaturated fatty acids. These are for example found in:

  • Walnut oil
  • Sunflower oil
  • Walnuts
  • Salmon

But even the simple saturated fat should not be missing in the diet plan for building muscle. They are found in avocados, seeds and peanut oil as well as almonds and hazelnuts.

Note: The intake of fats should ideally be combined with sports nutrition still within limits and with Omega-3 fatty acids. These can be found in fish. The Omega-3 fatty acids help the breakdown of fat in the body.

However, a well compiled diet alone can not ensure that the muscles grow. Here it is important to rely on a combination of diet and exercise and adapt it to each other. In the context of a structure of a training muscles at three to five days a week is recommended. Getting enough sleep and the supply of adequate fluids act also supportive.